Frequency: Every two months.

Bi-monthly themes are selected at random. You have two months to compose and shoot an image that embraces the selected theme in any manner that suits you. Your image is due by midnight on the last day of the shooting window. However, you may email your completed image at any time during the shooting window to: [email protected]. A reminder email will be sent a week prior to each due date.

IMPORTANT: You cannot submit an image that was shot prior to a shooting window. Each image must be created after the theme is announced.

When submitting your image, please let me know the title, if there is one. If no title is stated in the email, your image will be posted with a title of "Untitled." Submitted images will be uploaded to the Photo Assignment webpages linked below at least two days after each due date. You will have the ability to comment on the submitted images.

Please direct any questions to: [email protected].

If interested, you can view results of a previous Photo Assignment (circa either 2010 or 2011). If previous participants have results of other previous incarnations of Photo Assignment, please send me the link and I'll add it here!


Theme #1: Golden Hour 
Shooting Window: Tuesday, January 1 - Thursday, February 28.
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Theme #2: Push
Shooting window: Friday, March 1 - Tuesday, April 30.
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Theme #3: Ghost
Shooting Window: Wednesday, May 1 - Sunday, June 30.
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Theme #4: Spoil
Shooting Window: Monday, July 1 - Saturday, August 31.
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Theme #5: Stop
Shooting Window: Tuesday, October 1 - Thursday, October 31.
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Theme #6: Circus
Shooting Window: Friday, November 1 - Tuesday, December 31.
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Regardless of the copyright information shown in the footer of this website, the images displayed on each of the Photo Assignment Theme pages are copyrighted as follows: Copyright © 2019 by the respective participating photographers.